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Freelance isn't free™.  Our attorneys advocate vigorously on behalf of freelancers who don't get paid for their work, including through New York City's "Freelance Isn't Free" Act.  We help freelancers recover overdue payments and promote strategies to avoid non-payment in the first place.


Did You Know?

57.3 million Americans freelanced in 2017 (according to a 2017 study entitled "Freelancing in America" by Upwork and the Freelancers Union).

In 2015, each freelancer in the U.S. lost about $6,000 on average due to non-payment.  They also averaged about $6,000 in late payments -- some waiting an average of 3 months for payment(According to the most recent statistics from the Freelancers Union.)

Don't be another statistic.  Reclaim income that's rightfully yours now.

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What Is NYC's
"Freelance Isn't Free" Act?

The Act requires your clients to provide contracts for each project and pay within 30 days of completion. 

The Act also prohibits your clients from retaliating against you for seeking payment.  This includes pressuring you to accept less than initially agreed.

You don't necessarily have to be based in New York City to be protected by the Act.  This is especially the case for digital nomads who work for New York City-based clients.

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Attorney-Vetted Contracts

Don't start a project without one.   This is the first step in protecting your intellectual property and your income. 

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Our Practice

DePass Legal is based in the heart of New York City.  Our attorneys are admitted in New York, the District of Columbia, Maryland and Florida.


We take the stress out of getting repaid so you can focus on your new projects.  We work on a contingency-fee basis, which means we only get paid if you do, too.


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Top-of-the-Line Services

Our attorneys are experienced litigators who worked at AmLaw 100 law firms for years. We take the skills gained at those premier firms and use them to our clients' advantage.  

You shouldn't feel helpless against a large, sophisticated company.        We level the playing field.



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